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Raw materials and properties of crucible
Release time:2020.06.29 News source:Jiangxi Zhongyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Browsing number:

The crucible is a bowl shaped vessel with a deep ceramic bottom. When a solid is to be heated in a high fire, a crucible is used. Because it can withstand higher temperature than glassware. When the crucible is used, the lid of the crucible is usually placed on the crucible obliquely to prevent the heated substances from jumping out, and the air can enter and leave freely for possible oxidation reaction. Because the bottom of the crucible is very small, it usually needs to stand on the mud triangle to be heated directly by fire. The crucible can be placed on the iron tripod either vertically or obliquely. It can be placed on its own according to the needs of the experiment. Do not place the crucible on a cold metal table after heating, so as to reduce its cracking due to cooling.

The main raw material of the crucible is crystalline natural graphite. Therefore, it maintains the original physical and chemical properties of natural graphite. In other words, it has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. In the process of high temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it has strain resistance performance for rapid heat and cooling. It has strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkaline solution and excellent chemical stability. There are many types and specifications of crucible, which are not limited by production scale, batch size and smelting material variety in application. It can be selected at will, with strong applicability and purity of smelting material.

Do not squeeze the crucible too tightly to prevent the metal from thermal expansion and cracking.

The shape of the crucible is consistent with that of the crucible, which reduces the local stress and shortens the service life.

The service life of the crucible is related to the usage. It is necessary to reduce the short life of the raw material of the crucible by direct spraying of strong oxidation flame on the crucible. Graphite crucible, because of the above excellent performance, is used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical industry and other industrial sectors for the smelting of alloy tool steel and non-ferrous metals and their alloys. It has a good technical and economic effect. The raw materials for crucible production can be summarized into three types. The first is crystalline natural graphite, the second is plastic refractory clay, and the third is calcined hard kaolin skeleton clinker. In recent years, high temperature resistant synthetic materials, such as silicon carbide, alumina Emery and ferrosilicon, have been used as the framework clinker of crucible. This kind of clinker can increase the quality of crucible products, increase the density and mechanical strength of crucible.

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