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Quartz crucible is the necessary container for monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon's producing and also the basic equipment for semiconductor industry and silicon solar cell.Zhongyu is leading to use Unimin high-purity Quartz sands, and make quartz crucible melted by high temperature and arc vacuum technology. It solve the problem of alkali-free metal internal spread successfully, and reduce the impurity density of crucible lining, and has good crystallization-resistance performance, it also ensure the low oxygen content and particle defects in the process of pulling crystal, and make the crystallization rate improved significantly. Zhongyu's ceramic crucible is used in polysilicon production and non-ferrous metals melting widely because of its speciality with good heat stability,melt corrodibility-resistance and pollution-free for processing products. Photovoltaic energy is considered the most important renewable green energy in the 21st century, the products of quartz crucible and ceramic crucible's future market prospect is very expanse.

    Quartz crucible with its outstanding advantages are not available with other materials, the unique combination of properties, that is, excellent resistance to thermal vibration performance, high deformation temperature and softening temperature, low thermal conductivity, low dielectric loss and UV spectral range of the optical through the ability. (Can be divided into thermal and pure performance)
(1) Thermal Properties: This product is the low number of thermal expansion, so the heat has a very good vibration performance. Crystallization is a quartz crucible under high-temperature crystallization process of silica precipitation, but also crystal growth process of the most taboo of physical phenomena. The company's technological innovation and exceptional manufacturing processes will allow the user to overcome the crystal growth process of the crystallization phenomenon, thereby increasing the rate of crystal into the crystal and output.
 (2) high purity properties: high purity quartz crucible of the physical parameters of the crystal and non-equilibrium minority-carrier lifetime is enormous. The company's crucible inner transparent process and high-purity coating process to ensure the user demand for high-purity crystal growth process. Full range of high standard of cleaning disposable packaging technology and user features won the praise of customers, constant technological innovation and unique process has been a high degree of customer trust.

Appearance inspecting: no scratches, no cracking, no clear pits ,clearance and pollution-free on outer and internal surface; Glossy and no attachments on internal surface, no bubbles but less little bubbles allowed, no black points but less little black point allowed, no impurity points; no burr and no collapse edge on the top of mouth Thickness of wall vacuum transparent coating is≥4mm. Requests of purity:>99.995%,Al content is <16ppm,B content is<0.1ppm

· It is non-devitrification phenomenon if it is no white points after 1450℃ Silicon Liquid
· Upper of crucible cannot be deformation after 80 hours pulling crystal
· Quartz layer shouldn't be off on outer surface after production usage.


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