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Attention should be paid to the use of quartz crucible
Release time:2019.05.17 News source:Jiangxi Zhongyu New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Browsing number:

Quartz crucible is a vessel or melting pot made of extremely refractory materials (such as clay, graphite, clay, quartz or metal iron, etc.). What should we pay attention to in the process of using quartz crucible?

1. Quartz crucible should be fed according to its capacity, so as not to squeeze too tightly, so as to prevent metal from thermal expansion and cracking of quartz crucible.

2. Place it in a dry place after use. Do not let rainwater invade.

3. When removing the molten metal, scoop it out with a spoon and use as few calipers as possible. If using calipers and other tools should be in accordance with the shape of the quartz crucible to avoid excessive local force and shorten the service life.

4. The service life of quartz crucible is related to its usage. It is necessary to avoid strong oxidation flame spraying directly on the quartz crucible and make the raw material of quartz crucible short-lived.

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