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What's the difference between a quartz crucible and a ceramic crucible?
Release time:2019.05.17 News source: Browsing number:

At present, the coating technology of quartz crucible production has been used by most manufacturers, and has been more and more popular. In order to let you know more about quartz crucible, Zhongyu, Jiangxi Province will analyze the difference between quartz crucible and ordinary ceramic crucible.

Firstly, quartz crucible is coated with high purity quartz sand to form a compact layer on the surface of crucible dissolved in ordinary quartz sand. The compact layer can prevent the reaction between silicon and quartz crucible during high temperature drawing of monocrystalline silicon and improve the crystallization rate. It differs from ceramic crucibles in the following aspects:

1. Quartz crucible and ceramic crucible have different high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

2. Quartz crucible can be divided into opalescent and transparent. The opalescent crucible is used below 1200 degrees and the transparent crucible is used below 1400 degrees. Ceramic crucibles are used at 1400-1600 degrees.

3. Quartz crucible is acid and alkali resistant, but it can not be used for hydrofluoric acid.

4. Quartz crucible is more alkali resistant than ceramic crucible.

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